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Where can Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Ottawa residents find the cheapest Supervisa Insurance?

Without the need for renewal of status, as of 2011,the grandparents and parents of permanent residents and Canadian citizens

have a suitable and more comfortable option for visiting loved ones in Canada. The new Super Visa allows these visitors to stay in the country for as long as two years at a time. On average, the visa’s waiting time is only eight weeks, and the application fees are relatively cheap. Plus, the visa is right for ten years and allows multiple entries.

Medical insurance is an essential prerequisite for being eligible for the Super Visa. Evidence of Super Visa health insurance must be submitted before an applicant will be considered. Proof that they can support their visiting relatives must also be provided by the residents sponsoring their grandparents or parent. And, separate Super Visa health insurance must be obtained by each grandparent or parent. Point of entry officers must be able to view the proof of insurance each time these visitors enter Canada.

Super Visa Health Insurance Requirements

Requirements of the Super Visa health insurance include

  • Providing a minimum of $100,000 of coverage
  • Covering hospitalization, repatriation, and health care costs
  • From the date of entry to Canada is valid for at least a year

Canadian medical providers work closely with Canadian insurance companies. Therefore visitors are required to buy their health insurance from private Canadian insurance companies. This makes the settlement and claims reimbursement process work more quickly since there is direct billing between the insurance company and the hospital or other provider.

Can You Apply on Behalf of a Visitor?

Much like the process for applying for your parents or grandparents to get a Super Visa, you can apply for Super Visa health insurance on behalf of your loved ones. Unfortunately, it is easy for the policy to become null and void if you happen to make any incorrect statements regarding your Super Visa recipient’s health history.

There is no requirement for getting a medical examination before getting insurance, though an immigration medical examination is compulsory for Super Visa applicants. But, again, the application for insurance coverage must be filled out accurately. To determine if a policyholder had a pre-existing condition, the insurance provider may research if a claim is submitted.

By the way, a pre-existing condition is an injury, medical illness, or sickness which existed before the effective date of your coverage and for which the applicant received or required medical consultation or for which the applicant exhibited symptoms or signs. It depends upon the policy as to whether a pre-existing will be covered or not. Some policies absolutely will not cover pre-existing conditions. Others will cover it if it has been stable for a sufficient period.

Accidental dismemberment or death are sometimes covered with this insurance, and emergency medical travel insurance is always covered. If the Super Visa is approved, additional benefits may also be purchased. Via cheque or credit card, Super Visa applicants must pay for the annual premium in one lump sum before visiting Canada. Therefore there are few monthly premiums plans available. However, through using services, you can be sure to find the most affordable coverage for your needs. ( collects the quotes from various insurance providers and lets you know what works best for your needs. is one of the best and user-friendly website. You will get an instant quote from all major Supervisa Insurance Providers. Once the quote is displayed, click the View Details and Buy tab to read the plan details. You can also use our plan comparisons feature to enhance your knowledge and pick your loved ones’ best plan. Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Ottawa, Hamilton, Cambridge, Kitchener and London, Windsor region residents are taking the most advantage of our website and buying the cheapest Supervisa Insurance

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