What type of coverage do you want ?

Visitors Visa Insurance Brampton

Visitors to Canada have given a lot to the Canadian economy. These Visitors could be on vacation time, family meet up, work permit holder or international students. All of them are under the category of Visitors to Canada. Canadian medical system is top-notch and can be expensive for those who don’t have government health plans. If you or your relatives visit Canada, don’t forget to transfer the risk to insurance companies by paying a minimal premium. We have done the hard work for you to compare the best and affordable plan with transparent service. Use our Get Quote Calculator and get instant quotes from all major insurance companies, compare the plan details and buy online Visitors Visa Insurance Brampton.

Could I Be Denied A Policy For Any Reason?


Yes, the Insurance company may deny your coverage if you are terminally ill. Your doctor has advised you not to travel or have specific health conditions the insurance company won’t cover.

Can I get a refund if my plan to Visit Cancel?


Yes, you can cancel your Visitors to Canada’s emergency medical insurance anytime before the effective date. Simply call us or write to us, we will take care of it.


When should I buy visitors to Canada travel medical insurance?


You can buy medical coverage at any time. We recommend that visitor’s insurance should be purchased before arrival in Canada. Suppose the effective date is after the arrival date. In that case, most insurance companies do not cover expenses within 48 hours up to 8 days due to sickness occurring immediately following your policy effective date

Can I Receive Treatment For Pre-existing Conditions If It Becomes Necessary In Canada?


There are many variables here. An insurer may be willing to provide coverage as long as your condition has remained stable for several months. There may be an age cutoff before additional restrictions on coverage for pre-existing conditions.